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These tests are pretty good pre-screening tools to tell you whether you might benefit from an official diagnosis.

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Very well-written article, and I'm glad you haven't fallen into the trap of advocating that EVERYONE get diagnosed no matter what.

I know people in my own family who are almost certainly on the autism spectrum but have never done anything about it, and why should they if their lives are working just fine without the label?

On the other hand, if you are struggling in important areas in your life, a diagnosis can provide a framework for understanding and learning about behavioral and emotional challenges that have seemed unexplainable until now.

Although challenges in sensory integration (the ability to organize sensory information for use by the brain) are not considered diagnostic criteria, I have yet to meet a person with Asperger's who does not have a sensory challenge of one kind or the other.

I have major vision problems (like Stereo Sue, I don't see in 3D) and really lousy vestibular and motor problems as well. Somehow I got through elite schools, traveled overseas and worked in Japan, China, and France and have had a moderately successful career.

Here's my blog with an account of my journey: call it Journey Through the Cortex because my therapy starts with addressing basic problems in my brain stem and will move forward through the cortex to the executive function.

I have been recently told earlier this year by a psychologist that I most likely have aspergers.

Once my friends at church found out it feels like they've been treating me differently.

I tend to obsess with my own adult children and their lives and how I don't want them making bad decisions in their lives but I keep this to myself. Everything on the checklist points to my life and childhood.

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