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10 Vols - Hawkins Electrical Guide: Questions Answers & Illustrations: A Progressive Course of Study for Engineers, Electricians, Students and Those Desiring to Acquire a Working Knowledge of Electricity and Its Applications: A Practical Treatise. An Essay on the Establishment of Ministers, Forms and Services of Religion by Secular Power; And on Its Inconsistency With the Free, Humbling, Spiritual Nature of the Christian Dispensation.

A Collection of the State Papers of John Thurloe, Esq; Secretary, First, to the Council of State, and Afterwards to the Two Protectors Oliver and Richard Cromwell.

The action scenes are all okay, but the Nina De Ponca/North/Aja trio is an erotic standout.

A disappointing entry from people who have done much better.

In Snatched, Byron and Silvera play somewhat incompetent detective brothers hired by Sasha to fin some money.

But due to a really confusing script, an even more due to loud, background music playing over key dialog, exact details of the plot are lost to me, as probably is some of the typical Thomas humor. Because with the evident departure of Damon Christian, Thomas is presently the best director of sexually explicit comedy.

Somehow, she manages to witness numerous hardcore sex acts from secret hiding places for an entire day.

She sees threesomes with 2 men and with 2 women, double penetration, and loads and loads of cum.DOWNLOAD Alexandra (1983/DVD5) Release Date: 1983 Studio: VCA Category: Feature, Romance, Couples, Classic Starring: Ashley Summers, Eve Sternberg, Joanna Storm, Laurien Wilde, Sharon Kane, Ashley Moore, Don Fernando, Eric Edwards, Michael Gaunt, R.Bolla, Steve Douglas; Veronica Hart, Reg Wilson Language: English Runtime: Format: VOB Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 9800kbps [Video] Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 192 kb/s , 48.0 k Hz Size: 3.89 GB The gorgeous Eve Sternberg makes her one and only screen appearance in this Hustler Highest Rated title that wowed the critics. The story is about three young couples and a very liberated divorcee.Little does he suspect just how carnally crazed his wanton workers are when they are not in the office!While his sinfully sexy secretary dilly-dallies with debauched dictation, his amorous office manager's up to his neck in nubile young women.DOWNLOAD html Lust Inferno (1982/DVDRip) Release Date: 1982 Studio: Caballero Category: Classic Starring: Gail Sterling, Lucille Grant, Rita Ricardo, Bruce Hardwell, Don Fernando, Herschel Savage, Kathy Kay, Cherry Smith, Tamara Longley, Bert Stingwrong, Drea, Bill Margold, Marguerite Nui Language: English Runtime: Format: MKV Video: AVC, YUV, 1855 kb/s,720x480, 23.976 FPS Audio: AAC, 1 channel, 161 kb/s , 48.0 k Hz Size: 1.23 GB William Margold stars as a vicious televangelist who gets his kicks from abusing and humiliating beautiful young women, all the while unaware of the debauched lifestyle enjoyed by his voluptuous wife and nubile daughters. Ain't no other way to put it; she just can't get enough.

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