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It has acquired the membership of many organizations, including UN and the council of Europe. However, there are many ethnic groups living in Serbia like Serbs, Hungarians, Bosniaks, Romanians and other groups.The Serbian climate is dependent on the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

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The religions followed by the population of Serbia are Orthodoxy and Catholicism.

The economy of Serbia comes under the upper middle income group, but the growing rate is increasing at a fast pace. Pointing at the square, main street and a bridge over the lake.

Its claim to fame is that it grows one third of the worlds raspberries.

This swivel webcam is located in Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, and it captures its central city square Terazije.

Forecasters had expected the center of the storm to strike the Miami area, but now the path has shifted west to Tampa.

Friday afternoon the storm continued its crawl, inching past Cuba—the island nation taking a pounding from the hurricane overnight and throughout the day—and toward the Florida Keys.

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The republic of Serbia is situated at the southern east and middle of Europe.

At the same time, the history reflected in the old buildings around the square, cannot just be erased from the face of Belgrade.


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