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The two appear to be very skillful bank robbers, having a quick and simple manner of robbing a bank, with one going in and demanding money while the other drives the getaway vehicle, and a very secluded hideout.However, it becomes clear that the two are actually too timid to rob the bank properly, with the one played by Lucas getting only a handful of desk pens and the one played by Walliams a desk marker saying "Position closed" on the second attempt, rather than money.

Carol Beer is a perpetually disillusioned woman who works in a number of jobs that require a very close relationship with her computer, such as a bank clerk, a travel agent or a hospital receptionist.

When approached with a reasonable request, such as opening a bank account, a holiday to America or making an appointment, she will type the information into her computer.

He has an unusual way of using a horse to help customers with their IT problems.

Played by: David Walliams Appearances: Series 2 episode 5 Catchphrase: "Fetch", "Good boy" Every time she goes out to give refreshment to the builders who are doing work on her garden, she gives them biscuits as if they were a dog.

Upon discovering that the request cannot be met, she will answer with a deadpan "Computer says no." As a travel agent, she would then follow up her refusal with an offer of a strange, and often unhelpful substitute, of the kind that the customer is very unlikely to agree to, such as (when the client asked for a flight to Orlando) "I've got a flight to Guildford" or (when asked for a boat ride for two people) "There is one place left. " She is unwilling to use any human initiative beyond checking her computer to help her customers further, and will instead cough in their face to get them to go away.

Occasionally, she will amuse herself by being extra unhelpful (such as cancelling a customer's flight plan when he requests a vegetarian option, or telling a child wanting to go to Disney World that the "Mickey Mouse" will just be a man in a suit), finding new ways of swearing in front of children and getting away with it, coughing right in their faces, or just being rude.

Carol Beer appears in Little Britain USA, in which she is the receptionist at a hospital.

Her most recent escapades involved offering a child named Danielle Lloyd for double-hip replacement (saying that there is "only one Danielle Lloyd" using the hospital), verbally abuse and annoy a pregnant woman and her husband and denying an injured patient an x-ray.

"Darkest Hour" studio added a warning that they depict Winston Churchill smoking cigars for "artistic consideration" because Smoking Is Very Very Bad. (ABC 9ET) Tirek is devouring souls while Discord and Sailor Moon are trying to wreck him. It's Sailor Moon meets My Little Pony Part 2 Christmas Hiatus Special on You Tube RIGHT NOW I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's the world's first, best and only sock puppet metal band doing a Christmas parody song featuring Santa and Krampus.

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