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Valuable historic artifacts must be evaluated professionally at great expense and “should only be considered for conservation of irreplaceable items.” Disposal of some of early America’s first town records may be the most economically feasible solution.The long and expensive list of 25 specific recommendations from MDPH include installation of a comprehensive HVAC system, removal and replacement of carpeting, repair of the chronic water leaks, improve roof drainage, replace ceiling tiles, improve ground-level drainage around the building, remove back trees and shrubs within five feet of the building exterior, contract with a pest exterminator, replace termite-damaged wood, and “refrain from storing paper and cardboard in areas prone to chronic moisture.”Along with the state’s assessment, the Rehoboth Board of Selectmen voted in August to approve up to a K expenditure for a thorough building “envelope” evaluation of the town office on Peck Street and the Public Safety Building that houses police, fire and EMS services.

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The air quality report on the sixty-year-old, concrete block building was performed by the state during two visits to Rehboth in July after concerned occupants requested an assessment.

The building was originally constructed in 1956 as a military facility at the Peck Street Nike Missile Site during the Cold War.

They will be staying with relatives who came to the scene.

The last fire crews cleared the scene just after 6 AM. Seekonk firefighters assisted at the scene while Norton and Swansea provided station coverage.

The two most critical areas of concern are ventilation and microbial/moisture.

“The building lacks a mechanical heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to provide fresh air to occupied areas.” Instead town employees open windows or doors, or use “fan only” on window AC units that occupy a single window in a room.Because of mold infestation in the vault, the entire contents had to be professionally treated and restored by a mold remediation company and record preservation experts at a cost of thousand.The MDPH inspectors concluded the priceless historical records stored in the vault will continue to be both a source of mold and particulates, but that ventilation alone “cannot serve to reduce or eliminate mold growth on these materials.” While voters at town meeting last year approved spending K for a proper vault installation, the project was put on hold waiting to see if residents approved a temporary tax increase to fund building a new municipal complex."Thank you to our extraordinary employees who donated and spread the word to gain additional donations.Thank you to Cat Country 98.1 for getting the message out there to their listeners." A special package was included in the trucked shipment -- letters of hope and prayers from the students of Talbot Middle School in Fall River, Massachusetts.During a recent RDTC meeting, Paul Feeney was vetted by committee members and found to be honest, trustworthy, and one of high integrity. Feeney's experience as a former area selectman and as chief of staff to Senator James Timilty will undoubtably be an asset to Rehoboth.


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