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Unemployment compensation benefits are weekly cash payment to workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

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I was recently terminated due to "gross misconduct".

However, they were unable to provide me proof of said action.

My location is closing Dec 31st and I will be getting a severance package of 12 weeks paid. Whether fair or not, I have been given the option of 1) signing a voluntary termination agreement waiv...

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Then I was let go with Oct 28th being my last day for budget issues.

I am getting 4 weeks of severence pay and I had a...If after the ...worked for one company for 13 years and was laid off due to sale of company.For 3 weeks (about 30 hours), I worked for a 2nd company and realized that this company was not a good fit for me. I was working for one company till Aug 9th and my new job started only on Sep 16.was all in negotiation until I signed the agreement on Oct. I was fired from my job for missing work because I was arrested and was in jail for 14 days before I could post bond to get out since then my charges against me have been dismiss for a crime someone e...I have worked for the same company for 16 years - the company is being purchased by a larger company - we are technically promised to have a job there - each one has to go through the re-hire process....To qualify for unemployment compensation benefits or insurance, employees must typically work a certain amount of time for any employer during the year or two before their employment loss, and earn a certain amount from their most recent employment.

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