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Check tide tables beforehand to gauge prime whirlpool action.

When the tide is running high (Spring and Autumn full moons are best), the twisting currents could indeed hide a Godzilla or two.

Awa-Dori dancers Dancers chant, ‘The dancers are fools, the watchers are fools, both are so alike, so why not dance’, while doing the Awa-Dori shuffle. The accompanying lutes, flutes and taiko drums establish a punishing rhythm.

Awa-Dori band at Kaikan museum theatre Hands are raised up like you’re attempting a swan dive into a deep pool and your feet, toes first, step in time with the music.

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  2. Other characters originally intended to be one-time characters have ended up becoming regular cast members, such as Cletus Spuckler, Luigi Risotto, Disco Stu, Groundskeeper Willie, Crazy Cat Lady, Cookie Kwan and Lindsey Naegle.

  3. Aside from doing some hand holding and making out they also interacted with the locals. Don't worry Elisabetta, we're sure he still thinks you're cuter. Also, btw, that's not her in the picture, that's one of the locals. [, and his new girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, who dated George Clooney, were spotted in Rome wrapped up in the romance!

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