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he seemed happy enough with this plan as it meant he could stay up longer and get totally wasted.

as you can probably tell, there was a sensible camp and a few leading each other astray.

There were 6 of us in total, 2 boys, Cameron and Buzz, and 4 girls, me, Dannii, Gaby and Samantha.

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all the time i kept an eye on him, making sure he wasnt waking due to the sudden change in temperature.

when i was happy he was still asleep i reached straight for his crotch and gently took out his flaccid cock.

There were no couples in the group, but there was a simmering tension between some of us.

Genres: Fiction, Male/Female We were an odd group, the lads towered over us, and we were all girl next door / plain jane girls, not hot ‘centerfold’ wannabes.

Cameron was the stereotypical bad lad, think luke perry in 90210.

He was 6’4″, had eyes you could drown in, beautiful blonde tipped hair, tattoos on his back and plenty of chat.

i can happily admit i was in the latter camp, with dannii and cameron.

but we agreed to behave on the holiday for the good of the group.

as the days went by, cameron and i would always be the last ones standing. by maybe day 8, cameron was getting really confused, for 3 days straight he was waking up groggy and alone but the sensation in his cock was very much of the did i have sex or did i jerk off while drunk way.

everyone would head to bed and we would have deep and meaningful drunken chats before going our separate ways. the next day he woke feeling the same way but this time he vaguely remembered a sex dream and there was dried jizz on his boxers.

after a wee while i replaced my mouth with my hand so i could check he was still fast asleep.


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