cbs rejects ad from gay dating website - Parents and young adult dating

As a parent, it can be a challenge, and sometimes we are just surprised, or maybe even frightened by a choice that seems dangerous to us (of a mate, a sport, a neighborhood, or a kind of job).

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But I also didn’t have the kind of family support they do.

In fact, I had absolutely none; I was totally on my own.

(And by adult, I mean even ‘kids’ in their early 20’s, or pretty much anyone who has left home, no matter how young or old they are).

I am very opinionated and have very definite ideas and opinions, about how life should work and people should behave.

They may tell you that your clothes are out of date, and you look ridiculous still wearing your hair that way.

My girls work l8 hour days in the fashion industry in 8 inch heels, and they don’t love it when I wear flats in the day time. Me, I’m willing to wear a high heel at night, but if I’m going to run around all day, I wear flats.

They follow different careers, have friends we don’t always like, date and marry people that suit them, but not always us.

I am speaking generally, and not specifically of my kids.

And sometimes you just have to swallow it, and respect who they are, and not even comment on the strange pets they have, or the way they bring up their kids.

It’s great if their ideas are similar to ours—–but what if they’re not? You have to respect them, as well as love them, and the choices they make.

And some parents remind us constantly of our failings when we were young.


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  2. I’ll be completely honest with you (as I always am).

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