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We're not predicting that they will go out of business tomorrow, or anytime soon. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Martha Stewart's media empire has been circling the drain for years as the diva of domesticity's popularity fades.

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Hewlett-Packard, the worst performer in the Dow Jones industrial average in 2012, has nearly doubled this year.

Companies like E-Trade Financial, Game Stop, Rite Aid and Yahoo have all seen their share prices soar 100 percent or more--sometimes much more--as investors bought into their turnaround tales.

Investors have complained that Stewart is vastly overpaid and she cut her pay in response.

Stewart's best hope is to sell the company but given the trouble she has caused it's hard to imagine who would buy MSO.

Sears has announced plans to spin off Lands' End and sell its auto centers, a deal that one analyst estimates could be worth as much as $2.5 billion.

But the company has about .8 billion in long-term debt.

During the company's third quarter, its only profitable business was merchandising.

Even those profits may be in jeopardy as the company has had to revise its partnership with J. Penney after being caught in the middle of a nasty battle between that retailer and Macy's.

The company's executive offices have seen a revolving cast of managers, but none have managed to get profits blooming.

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