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He leaves the knife on the floor, goes back out into the hall and calls the front desk, saying, "There is a woman screaming for help. Then he takes his bag with the bloody clothes in it.Kevin comes out of the shower and finds a knife with blood all over it.

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Maguire, Ivan Bonar as a Judge, Phillip Sterling as a Prosecutor, Jeff Conaway as Daniel Ward, Carolyn Seymour as Christina Harrison Ward, Marsha Hunt as Aunt Harriet, John Christy Ewing as Richard Ward, Alina Cenal as Mrs.

Rodriquez, Jenny Beck as Lila Harrison, Max Segar as Forbes The Butler Matlock defends Brad Bingham (John Beck), an aging football star with a reputation as a womanizer, for the murder of his girlfriend, the team's owner, who was about to eliminate him from the team.

Matlock wants to know who killed the patriarch as Matlock primarily focused on the family, which includes the woman who hired him and his son.

Guest Stars: Kevin Conroy as Clark Harrison, Ron Ulstad as Sgt.

Matlock becomes very suspicious when Carter asks him to step aside and have the son of another lawyer they are both familiar with take his place. Linda Purl replaced Lori Lethin in the role of Charlene Matlock.

Later in the episode Carter goes back and burns the bag with all of his bloody clothes in it. He had replacements put there by Tyler Hudson and is able to present the real clothes in court. Other guest stars: Richard Newton as Judge Richard Cooksey, Richard Mc Kenzie as Lt. Meredith, Richard Wright as Harry Hobson, Brian Lane Green as Kevin Meredith, Piper Laurie as Claire Leigh, Bobbie Eakes as Joanne Leigh, Michael Durrell as D. After being fired from one job after another because of her ex-husband, Jason Hardiman, Carla Evans has had to resort to stripping at a local club.In this TV movie it mentions that Ben's mom is still alive, but in latter episodes it says that his mom died when he was young.Other guest stars: Billy Green Bush as Billy Ray Webber, Lawrence Pressman as Nelson White, Dennis Lipscomb as Les Mc Call, Richard Newton as Judge Reynolds, Robin Thomas Grossman as Prosecutor Burton Hawkins, Darrell Zwerling as Dr.Charlene tackles that by bringing up the point that she was not wearing her glasses when she identified the defendant from the hallway.Matlock notices in another video that the woman that killed Jason Hardiman buttoned their trench coat like a man, left over right.When Carla Evans is released from jail, Jason Hardiman is murdered in the hospital, and once again, Carla is the suspect in a murder case after the night nurse, Ms.


  1. Harding, 34, Cincinnati, OH., warrant Daniel Charles Wimmer, 39, Acworth, GA., warrant Genaro Argueta-Tepepan, 49, Clarksville, operator never licensed Megan Michelle Sauer, 31, Clarksville, possession of syringe, warrant Katherine Ann Rasdon, 33, Clarksville, warrant Michelle Marie Rucker, 51, Sellersburg, warrant Casey Ray Quillin, 29, Henryville, battery with bodily injury, domestic battery April L.

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