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There are 8 monasteries of men and 18 convents of nuns.The churches chapels, and oratories in the diocese number 190, with 35 parishes in all.

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The beginnings of Assisian history are involved in much obscurity; but in early imperial times it had become a flourishing municipality of no mean importance, and lays claim, with some show of truth, to being the birthplace of the Latin poet Sextus Aurelius Propertius. Of the bishops who occupied the See of Assisi during the fifth and sixth centuries, one, Aventius, is worthy of mention.

The Gospel was first preached to the Assisians about the middle of the third century by St. Fabian; suffered martyrdom about 236; and was succeeded by St. It was this heroic prelate who interceded (545) with Totila in behalf of the Assisians, and saved the city from the ravages of the Ostrogothic army on its way to Rome.

The Diocese of Assisi is immediately subject to the Holy See, a privilege which it has enjoyed from remote antiquity.

Jesus’ disciples tell Him that the crowds who followed Him were confused about His identify, but was their own understanding much better? Luke writes about a conversation Jesus had with the disciples that began with a question He put to them. Matthew gives us a longer report on this in his Gospel (see Mt -21). First, we discover that Jesus “was praying in solitude” when He decided to ask the disciples, “Who do the crowds say that I am?

As He later says in prayer to God, “I have given them the words which You gave me, and they have received them and know in truth that I came from You” (Jn 17:8).

The disciples tell Jesus that the people believe He is a great prophet, in the tradition of John the Baptist or one of the ancient prophets.P., the bishops of that see have numbered some ninety-two; but of these some are little known, and the existence of others is more or less problematical. Foremost among these is the basilica of Our Lady of Angels, erected on the model of St.Peter's at Rome through the beneficence of Pope St.Matthew’s Gospel that it was God Who enabled Peter to know this about Jesus.It was not something that simple companionship and close observation would have produced. Luke tells us that Jesus did not want this revelation to be announced yet. Why wouldn’t He want His disciples to correct the misunderstandings of the people who flocked to see Him?Do we wonder what the disciples’ reactions were when they heard people conjecturing about Jesus’ identity this way? Actually, Jesus does want to know how the disciples would answer this question: “But who do you say that I am?


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