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More broadly speaking, they reveal a problem in many of today's conversations about science and religion: A failure to appreciate the need for theological expertise in such discussions.

Flowering plants represent the dominant part of Earths plant life today.

The origin of these plants was once referred to by Darwin as an abominable mystery because they appear so late and so abruptly in the fossil record.

Sin is described here as a threat to creation, and a view of atonement stressing the idea of new creation is presented.

This involves a reorientation toward Gods intended goal of the evolutionary development of humanity and the world, which sin had thrown off course.

The opening section gives a biblico-theological sketch of the two-register nature of cosmology as presented in Scripture.

The second major section shows how two-register cosmology informs and shapes the treatment of both the space and time dimensions in the Genesis prologue.

If we compare the mathematics of antiquity with that of the seventeenth century, we find differences in a whole range of aspects.

For the ancients, notions like infinity, chance, space, or motion fell outside mathematics, while in the seventeenth century new mathematical theories about these notions appeared.

The point of the concluding section is that Genesis 1, on any view that identifies the narrative order with the temporal sequence, would contradict the teaching of Gen.


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