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"Pay me now, lay me down" is harder to interpret, but in the end I think he is mocking what he percieves to be the "normal" relationships of the others around him who have judged them and kept them apart.I think it's quite likely a song about a man who is in love with a girl much older or younger than himself, or a girl who, due to reasons of race, culture or religion is not someone whom his peers would consider it appropriate for him to have a relationship neone else notice tht at the end of the chorus he says "Pay me now, Lay me down"?

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The reference to trying to hold the sea and the tide reflects the impossibility of the relationship.

"No other than me alone, for me all day" is their separation from each other, he is alone, she longs for him all day.

"I've often tried to hold the sea the sun , the fields, the tide, means like with this person he's unmatcheable , or he's trying to grab on to something so much greater than he is. Be with me now, lay me down(dieing, possibly) so that he can feel the complete fullness of this great thing. As a poet, I think these song lyrics are very beautiful.

Okay ppl, I enterpret this song as a song about god, Go marin.

He can't seem to be able to handle her and he feels that she needs more that he can give her.

For me this song is about a unique or unusual love relationship. The two people in the relationship know that their love is only for them, only for each other.

All over you, all over me - a reference to their immersion in their feelings for each other.

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