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This means if you normally wear a "Large" T-shirt, you would also wear a "Large" UA T-shirt. CHEST: Place the tape measure under your arms at the fullest part of your chest, wrap around your body until your fingers meet and mark the measurement.

Under ArmourĀ® performance gear was built to be consistent with traditional sizing parameters.

For the most accurate measurement, breathe deeply, relax your stomach and position the measuring tape around your waist, leaving about a quarter inch of slack.

The song, which Anderson wrote with Bob Di Piero, is a swaggering but fairly bland bit of sleek, radio-ready country/rock, like much of the rest of Anderson's well-named debut album. Feelgood," and in the delivering room he is on intimate terms with three "naughty nurses," who are spilling out of their tiny dresses as they pose and pout. Feelgood" is hooking up with several half-dressed babes while they all deliver the "XXL" speaker and care for him and mom.

The first verse describes the singer's birth, where it "[t]ook two nurses to hold me and one nurse to slap me," and the physician informed his exhausted mother that the baby was "off the charts." If it was just this charming creation myth, we could let it go. That features the famously well-endowed Motley Crue drummer and sex film guy Tommy Lee as the leering "doctor" (any more questions about what "XXL" really means? The Freudian weirdness and the ugly association of OB care with sex make the video an even more cynical than usual exploitation of the naughty nurse stereotype.

The first verse of "XXL" begins at the beginning: Well, Momma was exhausted after she had me Took two nurses to hold me and one nurse to slap me Doctor turned to momma and he shook his head Wiped the sweat off his brow and then he said: "This boy's way off the charts as far as I can tell, Ooo bbbb-Momma he's a double XL!

" Then we hear about how fast the speaker is growing, shopping at the "Big and Tall," playing football and so on.

Such images also demoralize already stressed-out practicing nurses, and discourage men and self-respecting, talented women from entering the profession, at a time when nurses must fight through a critical global shortage to keep patients alive.

Whatever benefits the "real men" who are XXLs may enjoy, a guarantee of good health is definitely not one of them.

That aside, like it enough to buy 2 of these in blue and a light grey - also in small!

Measure around your natural waist, which lies between your bottom ribs and your hip bones.

So the song seems to encourage even more people to join the ranks of the unhealthy "big boys" who are increasingly breaking real nurses' backs in hospitals across the developed world. Of course, it's all a big joke, but here's what we see.

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