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Best with Jazz or blues or ballroom....(blue bubble is closing) Forget computer dating....everybody tends to fib too much. Weeknights seemed to have more working professional types.

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There's also a group that played at Mc Allister park. There are some really shady characters who hang out there.

My husband Pat (soon to be Ex), got very drunk there on many occasions, totalled his car on the way home one night, and slept with the women who hang out there...

It feels much more like a community than Austin, where I spend a lot of time.

(My better half lives there.) Because there isn’t as much turnover, people are happy to meet newcomers.

they are gold-diggers looking for unhappily married men. but if that's who you want to hang out with, go for it!

I'm sure it's fun or he would not have been going there every night. There are some really shady characters who hang out there.

I'm only so-so, but they welcomed me quite happily (maybe because I brought beer for the post-game ).

They played at the Med Center fields on Wed nights, but were looking for another field.

(For different visions of the general area, watch Girl in a Coma’s “El Monte” and Mexicans with Guns’ “Damelo”, both filmed partly in Tobin Hill.) My experience of San Antonio has differed from the situation Callie described in one important way: I’ve found it very easy to make friends here. Now, I walk into bars and concerts and know half the faces I see.

San Antonio is by far the friendliest city in which I’ve lived.

It's at Callaghan and 410, which used to be NV, which used to be Arruba, which used to be Level.. Barfly is across the parking lot too, so its fun to start your night there then head over. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

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