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C’est compliqué pour lui de ne pas avoir de retour. Ellen Page just added her name to the list of women with damning things to say about Brett Ratner, the powerful producer and director who was accused of sexual misconduct by numerous women in early November—including Olivia Munn.But poignantly Elizabeth Short only realised true fame through her horrifying murder - which went on to become one of the most notorious unsolved cases in US history.

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Eatwell said: "Elizabeth remains an elusive figure who we'll never know much more about.

"But what needs to be made clear is that she didn't, as the police tried to suggest, deserve this death. "The case is the ultimate true-crime mystery and I hope my book places her back at the center of the story and reminds people that she was an innocent woman whose life was savagely extinguished." Want to read more about unsolved cases?

The actress also discusses sexual abuse in the industry at large, sharing a story about a director who allegedly propositioned her during a dinner meeting when she was just 16 years old.“He fondled my leg under the table and said, ‘You have to make the move, I can’t.’ I did not make the move and I was fortunate to get away from that situation,” she writes.

“It was a painful realization: my safety was not guaranteed at work.”Page says she “was sexually assaulted by a grip months later.

Et de préciser ensuite que c’est après une première nuit durant laquelle ils ont beaucoup discuté qu’ont surgi les premières incompréhensions.

«Pendant le repas, Fabien est très demandeur de bisous.She wraps her post with a rallying cry for the people learning more about sexual abuse in the industry: “Don’t allow yourselves to be numb to the voices of victims coming forward. I am grateful to anyone and everyone who speaks out against abuse and trauma they have suffered. There’s no doubt the beautiful, raven-haired young actress would have attracted attention as she arrived at the swanky Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles one cold day in January 1947.Page, who came out as a lesbian in 2014, says she felt “violated” by his alleged remark.“He ‘outed’ me with no regard for my well-being, an act we all recognize as homophobic.”She continues: “I proceeded to watch him on set say degrading things to women.While most people would immediately report these horrifying discoveries to the police, ex-con Hoffman had been arrested for beating his wife just four days earlier - so he set about cleaning up the mess, soaking and later burning the blood-stained sheets rather than coming under suspicion of the cops.

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