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To an easily influenced child/person, this could be a convert way of doing this while still looking like the good (guy). One guy beat me and never ever worked, one was a drunk & drug addict who never paid a single bill, rent food, clothes... Now, that i changed my name and disconnected, i still have never gained back my health. My brother even put a shot gun in his mouth and killed himself over this crap. My kids see it as it just had to be me because so many men couldn't if been wrong and if i got weekly beatings then i deserved it! Just have to say i can't hit the proper letters on this tiny phone keyboard so i will have many errors and miss spells. I even changed my name legally because of the internet bashing my daughters constantly do! I had to quit caring because i became so ill over my girl's betrayal and hatred fir me that i almost died.

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Many times, I had thought about ending my relationship with my mom, but it was my Dad who encouraged me to not cut her off.

The very person who she worried was "turning me against her" was the one who saved my relationship with her! I love my mom, but I have distanced myself for my own mental health these days. There is so much your mother and father have left out of the story. Perhaps your father did as my father did to my mother and stole the retirement money, and lied in Court so she got half the amount of support that she should have gotten and is now looking at a bleak retirement.

Too often custody cases get bogged down in whether the problem is real rather than focusing on how to resolve the alienation and help heal parent child relationships.

In my experience an alienating parent needs three things: (1) motive to undermine the child's relationship with the other parent, (2) access to the child, and (3) skillful use of alienation strategies. On father's day I will certainly acknowledge the risks and concerns that they contend with concerning parental alienation.

While no one has data about the exact gender break down, I can say that without a doubt some mothers do and have been victimized in this way.

I believe that part of why this is not talked about as much as fathers' experiences of parental alienation is that mothers who do lose their kids this way are overcome with shame and humiliation and tend to not want to go public with their story.

She tried turning my family against me claiming domestic violence.

She also claimed child abuse for paddling my son when all other forms of discipline failed to redirect behavior. They are quick to assign the role of care taker to moms. For the past 6 years, i was denied overnight visits despite a half inch thick stack of copies of court ordered parenting classes and counseling.

I have had several people expose the truth about her campaign to destroy my son's vision of dad.


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