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But when the wild girl breaches the careful world he has constructed, he is forced to confront not only his choices and their consequences, but society itself. In “Side Effects,” a woman’s personality is altered, and not necessarily for the better, by botox injections.

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Emily Urquhart‘s work has appeared in numerous publications, including Reader’s Digest, Flare, and The Walrus, and she won a National Magazine Award in 2014.

More Is there such a thing as British Columbia culture, and if so, is there anything special about it? Maria Tippett answers in this work with an assured “yes!

From his formative years roaming the mountains around Vancouver looking for venison to his last years finishing the voluminous and authoritative Birds of British Columbia, Cowan’s life provides a unique perspective on a century of environmental change—with a critical message for the future.

Briony Penn has a publishing record of hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, books, government publications, and peer-reviewed journals.

The winner of the 2016 Lieutenant Governor's Award for Literary Excellence was announced on March 23. Alix Hawley presents Boone’s life, from his childhood in a Quaker colony, through two stints captured by Indians as he attempted to settle Kentucky, the death of one son at the hands of the same Indians, and the rescue of one daughter.

Boone was a fabulous hunter and explorer, and a “white Indian,” perhaps happiest when he found a place as the captive, adopted son of a chief who was trying to prevent the white settlement of Kentucky.

” To prove her point she looks at the careers of eight ground-breaking cultural producers in the fields of painting, aboriginal art, architecture, writing, theatre, and music.

The eight creative figures profiled in Made in British Columbia are not just distinguished artists who made an enduring mark on Canadian culture during the twentieth century.

Forthright and effortlessly lyrical, Fernandes builds each poem out of candor and insight, an addictive mix that reads like a favourite story and glitters with concealed meaning.

Raoul Fernandes was a finalist for the 2010 Bronwen Wallace Award for Emerging Writers and winner of the 2010 Sakura Award at the Vancouver International Cherry Blossom Festival.

In 2015, Lorimer began a gender transition to male.


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