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It is most likely the result of a genetically unique seed that fell from an established Havani date tree.

Once discovered, it became very popular and a grove was established in what is..more...

This tree grows along the eastern US where the climate is just right for it to produce a sweet and buttery-flavored nut with an incredibly high protein value. Nearly a century ago, the American Chestnut tree was ubiquitous among the hilly slopes of the eastern US. American Indians mixed Persimmon pulp, corn meal, and ground acorns to make breads and thick soups.

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The Algonquian squash (or pumpkin) originated in New England and was grown by the Abenaki people of Maine, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts. which comes from the Algonquin language and means ? It is a primitive cartilaginous fish that has remained unchanged for some 300 million years; it is closely related to more...

Algonquian pumpkin was among the foodstuffs Lewis and Clark traded for with the Mandan Indians circa 1804-1806. Also labeled the White Walnut, the American Butternut, is a long-lived, slow-growing, shade tree that is a member of the Walnut family. and successful in procreation, it was estimated that one if four trees in the Appalachian forests was an American Chestnut. Originally renowned for their tough, difficult to crack shells, the fruits of the American Native Pecan tree are the inspiration for the tree’s name. Used by American Indians, African Americans and early European settlers, wild Persimmons are a distinctively American fruit.

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Foods on the Ark have strong cultural and regional connections.

The North American Plains Bison, which reaches approximately two thousand pounds at maturity, is a dark brown, bearded herbivore with a prominent hump on its upper back. Bison are adaptable, hardy, disease-resistant, intelligent, and majestic. As a harbinger of Spring, Shad travels the 152 miles of Hudson River Estuary from the George Washington Bridge to the Federal Dam in Troy, New York.

The origin of the Latin name sapidissima means “most delicious.” Once the most important commercial fish, American Shad peaked in the 1940’s and dramatically dropped to its present low.They are bluish-black or olive brown dorsally (on their back) with paler sides and a white belly. They are distinguished by armor-like plates and a long protruding snout that is ventrally located, with four barbels crossing in more...The Aunt’s Ruby’s German Green is a sweet juicy tomato with a piquant bite.The oval shaped and slightly pointed squash measures up to five inches thick and can weigh up to 60-80 pounds. Wild rice is a misnomer, as it is not actually rice, but rather an aquatic grass similar to corn.This tall, aquatic grass has long blades that grow best in the shallow waters of the Great Lakes region of the US (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio). The Arkansas Black Apple is highly aromatic and has a sweet-tart flavor.The Black Republican cherry is relatively small in size, with a rotund shape, deep purple color, firm flesh and intense black cherry flavor.

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