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It has been hypothesized that young Gregory and his parents retired during that intermission to their Sicilian estates, to return in 549.

The war was over in Rome by 552, and a subsequent invasion of the Franks was defeated in 554.

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They had another son whose name and fate are unknown.

Gregory was born into a period of upheaval in Italy.

The north of the street runs into the Colosseum; the south, the Circus Maximus.

In Gregory's day the ancient buildings were in ruins and were privately owned.

As the fighting was mainly in the north, the young Gregory probably saw little of it.

Totila sacked and vacated Rome in 546, destroying most of its population, but in 549 he invited those who were still alive to return to the empty and ruined streets.

The epithet Saint Gregory the Dialogist has been attached to him in Eastern Christianity because of his Dialogues.

English translations of Eastern texts sometimes list him as Gregory "Dialogos" or the Latin equivalent "Dialogus".

Gregory is a Doctor of the Church and one of the Latin Fathers.

He is considered a saint in the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Anglican Communion, and some Lutheran denominations.

After that, there was peace in Italy, and the appearance of restoration, except that the central government now resided in Constantinople.


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