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Mr O'Leary again apologised for the disruption, which he said was down to mismanagement of the pilots' rostering system.He refused to discuss media reports that many pilots had turned down offers of a 12,000 euro (£10,600) bonus and instead demanded improved contracts.

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Its response to the flights cancellation crisis descended into farce yesterday as families complained of having to wait up to nine days for a flight home.

In another day of shame for the airline, furious passengers complained of being stranded abroad and left hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

This time we made a major boo boo,' said Mr O'Leary.'A very big block of annual leave (for pilots) was over-allocated for September, October and November,' he added Mr O'Leary said that to help ensure no further cancellations after the six-week period, 500 pilots with a four-week block of leave booked for October and 500 in November will have to work one week of that leave.'We will tell them, 'we will make it up to you'.

We will be reasonable.'We don't need their agreement.'(Pilots) are not going to participate in work to rule. He apologised to the 350,000 people affected by the cancellations.'I seriously regret these cancellations and upsetting and worrying 80 million of our customers last week.'We are working hard and long hours to address the passengers disrupted last weekend.'By the end of this week over 95% of customers will be rebooked or refunded,' said Mr O'Leary.

He said they will get the other week back in January and insister the airline does not need the agreement of pilots to take back a week of their leave.

Holidaymakers have pledged to boycott the airline after being unable to get home, paying sky-high bills for using its premium rate phone line and problems with its refunds service.

Ryanair appears to be telling its pilots that if they report, their attitude will be that it’s the pilot’s own fault'.

An airline spokesman said today: 'Ryanair complies fully with all EU261 legislation and will take all necessary steps to ensure affected customers are re-accommodated as quickly as possible.

Ryanair pilots across Europe are joining forces against their boss Michael O'Leary suggested they were lazy and threatened to take away their holiday.

Mr O'Leary turned the tables on his unhappy staff at the airline's AGM in Dublin and promised 'no goodies' if they 'misbehave' and strike or call in sick en masse.

When asked about reports that pilots are threatening industrial action Mr O'Leary responded: 'If you want and need to ask your staff to give up holidays no work to rule can alter that.'He added: 'I don't even know how there would be industrial action in Ryanair.


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