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The exact purpose of his task is never really elaborated, but it can be presumed that he is supposed to be locating families of Jewish or other unacceptable heritage.

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-William Blake (To Nobodaddy)~~~~~~~~~~~~Why dost thou hide thyself in clouds, from every searching eye?

~~~~~~"..into the eternal hunting grounds of fantasy : ought to link the identity of the Flying Dutchman and Odysseus sometime with a story.

Exhibit 1c) This video, and if ‘viral’ should mean anything, it would infest and shut down our precious internetz. Exhibit 3) [Dalkey Archive] : or more precisely, Collected Novellas: Collected Early Fiction 1949-1964 :;: Nobodaddy's Children: Scenes from the Life of a Faun, Brand's Heath, Dark Mirrors :;: The Collected Stories of Arno Schmidt :;: Two Novels: The Stony Heart and B/Moondocks. I submit that something is wrong not just in Denmark and not merely upon a barren Teutonic heath but that there is something askew with the World of Letters : namelich, either Arno Schmidt should NOT have been so deeply buried, ODOR[stench of corpses!!

[again, shoveled out of the mould by the bog-corpse Eric] [attention hither]. ], there are those among us who would insist that such unreada=babble books should be read by the masses and thus himself must be mad and ought to be re-MANded to a peat bog as deep into which he shall be BURIED :: menschlichmöglich.

We postulate that Herr Schmidt has bee Arno Schmidt.

Teutonic knight of the heath, well=buried; :deservedly supposedly for reasons not one of us can reckon.

Wind began and the tall firs spoke deep and bellowy." - Dark Mirrors(photos by and of Arno Schmidt)Arno Schmidt hit the literary ground running in post-WWII West Germany with a series of novellas and this bitter trilogy moving from the war years into the post-apocalyptic future.

Stylewise, Schmidt took the lessons of Joyce into territory all his own: it wasn't enough for language to do whatever we wanted it to -- now syntax must follow suit.

And since this is post-war, he's more naturally comfortable at the blending of high and low elements that Joyce dabbled in. ) I'll review the parts separately, as they were published that way.

Scenes from the Life of a Fawn: In Germany, in the months leading up to the Second World War, a bored, embittered government clerk is charged with reviewing local village and parish records.

I have gathered evidence for a preliminary hearing.


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