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A recent question came up on the Share Point Community Group at Linked In which asked whether to use Share Point Groups or Share Point Audiences to manage users. I also want to include a little discussion on Share Point Audiences as I believe they are a totally underused resource in Share Point but are so flexible.Just in case you need a fast refresher here is a quick summary: To lower your overall administration effort, always choose AD Groups wherever possible to manage your users.

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The big plus here is that, once the audience rules are set, manual maintenance of audience members is not required.

One thing to note – Global Audiences are NOT a security feature.

The process eliminates the need to manage individual identities in a single Active Directory identity store.

The basic process flows in a near instantaneous manner: A key advantage of using Access Manager to handle Share Point users is that it supports multiple identity stores out of the box, including Microsoft Active Directory and Net IQ e Directory™.

If you want to enjoy “some” of the best of both worlds why not use both by embedding AD Groups into Share Point Groups?

If you need to secure a site to just your IT, Finance and Marketing departments, then create a Share Point Group and add the 3 AD groups into it. For example, create a “Finance Team (SP)” Share Point Group and add the “Finance Team” AD group into that.

As the need to share information continues to grow, many organizations are surprised to find how complex and limiting Active Directory Federation Services can be.


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