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These items are often gifted to the Library but may also be catalogued, purchased, or acquired through government agencies. The Library Of Congress is home to the largest collection of rare books in North America and the largest collection of 15th century books in the western hemisphere.

It holds many famous historical books including one of the oldest examples of printing in the world and one of only three perfect copies of the Gutenberg Bible known to exist. The Library of Congress offers a wide selection of podcasts and webcasts for those who enjoy these.

Numerous topics are covered and all recordings are offered on the library’s website. Thus far, there have been a total of 13 different Librarians of Congress.

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These basic competencies include: Obviously some of these competencies are taught while others are gradually learned and mastered during an education and on the job experience.

For example, while classes can help teach one the finer points of organization or statistics, one will have to gradually learn how to hone their communication skills.

More than 50 million tweets are collected every day. The library’s first home was actually in a boarding house until it was moved to the US Capital at a later date.

The first permanent building in the Library was opened 97 years after its original founding, in 1987. The library spends $100,000 dollars on light bulbs every single year. There is a free tour of the Library that runs 45 minutes and is given numerous times on every day except Sunday. Only members of congress or congressional staff are allowed to check out the books housed by the Library of Congress. The Library hosts almost their entire collection on their website, and thousands of visitors view the digital collection every day. The Great Hall features numerous themes and images and is one of the most stunning pieces of cultural architecture in the capital. The Reading Room is highlighted by marble columns and numerous statues of many famous thinkers and cultural icons throughout history. The Library of Congress is actually physically housed in three main buildings.

The most famous and frequently visited is the Thomas Jefferson Building. All three of these buildings are connected by underground passageways. A number of materials in the collection are also housed off-site to simplify storage.

Note that these skills and traits aren’t necessarily required to become a professional librarian, but they are important components of thriving in the position and as such it’s important to consider the presence of one or more of them in one’s own personality to determine if librarianship is a good career choice to make.

While those personal qualities are all important aspects of a career in this field, they only make up the foundation on which to build.

Learning various skills through classwork is a must for entering a position as a librarian and there are numerous core competencies worth taking a look at.

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