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The repetition of the phrase is important to note as it centralizes sexual reputation as one of the most important pieces of advice for the entire poem.

Next, let's take a look at domesticity in 'Girl.' Most of the poem is filled with how to complete domestic duties like sewing, gardening, cleaning the house, keeping proper hygiene and setting the table for different types of meals.

The mother also assumes the daughter wants to become a 'slut,' even though there is no proof or reason given for why she thinks this.

The tone of the do's and don'ts in the poem sometimes make it seem as if the mother doesn't really know her daughter and is generalizing.

Free 5-day trial 'Girl' is a prose poem written by Jamaica Kincaid that was published in The New Yorker in 1978.

'Girl' was Kincaid's first piece of published work.Overall, other tender moments in the poem show that the mother cares and is instructing her in the best way she knows.All three of these themes work together to reveal that the mother is ultimately trying to protect her daughter from the worst thing that can happen to her, which is to be known as a sexually promiscuous woman, while also teaching her proper women's work.I must admit, I feel a bit silly about the whole thing. S: I was up all night thinking about the first time we came here together when we were 9. Clearly, Columbia's run out of alumni to honor if the best they could come up with is me. Your dad took us to that Harvard-Yale game and you tackled Senator Schumer's daughter for wearing a Harvard sweatshirt. Blair and her merry band of psychos are going to be on a tear. They categorize girls into two groups: projects or victims.

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