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an email using the same domain that your site uses).

If not, things like SPF records and/or DMARC records can cause the mail to be marked as spam and rejected.

If a space exists in the setting, it can potentially cause the notification to fail.

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Checking that you are running the latest version is a critical step in troubleshooting any issues.

When configuring notifications, it’s easy to miss an error in the recipient address or elsewhere.

Once Gravity Forms hands the email off to the Word Press wp_mail() function, one of the following occurs: After Word Press hands the email off, it’s up to the mail server, as well as the recipient’s mail server, to complete the sending of the email.

We don’t have any control over the delivery process once the email is passed to Word Press.

The first thing you want to check is your Word Press and Gravity Forms versions.

The version you are on could potentially have a bug in it that is fixed within a newer version.

This Word Press is able to reach the SMTP server, but it can’t authenticate.

This can be caused again by incorrect details used in your SMTP plugin (double check not only the username and password but also the port and encryption used).

By using logging, you can easily identify when errors occur, and why they are occurring.

Reviewing your logs will allow you to see where the notification might be failing, and correct the issue if it’s within the scope of Gravity Forms side of things.

Sometimes, due to server settings or e-mail reliability issues, using PHP sendmail does not work.


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