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We have established that there is a “rule-book” to define how we write our HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc and make sure we do a good job, right?

Well the programming languages we use all have their own grammar, vocabulary and syntax just like a spoken language and that means that it can be written wrong if it does not follow the rules.

“These technologies, which we call “web standards,” are carefully designed to deliver the greatest benefits to the greatest number of web users while ensuring the long-term viability of any document published on the web. Improved Website User Experience W3C validated websites will be easily accessed by people with modern browsers.

Websites that are not validated may display correctly in one browser but not in other browsers. Websites that are not validated may display formatting problems when used in certain browsers.

On the other hand, W3C validated websites are displayed without errors regardless of what browser is used.

It’s all a very complicated way of saying that W3C Validation is a test that makes sure we follow the rules! A website that contains many errors can suffer from many ill-effects.

A tool is provided by the W3C to test websites and can be found this link: The following are just some of those ill-effects: Additionally, websites that are coded to standards last longer and are “future-proofed” for the most part against browser updates and the like.

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World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) allows internet users to check HTML and XHTML documents for well-formatted markup.This organization was founded by Tim Berners-Lee and is run by a full-time staff to continue to develop and maintain web standards.These standards are then used to help guide web developers and browsers to develop code that lives up to certain standards.In a nutshell, they write the rule-book that helps to define if our code is well-written or poorly written.This is how we know if our markup (code) is awesome or not-so-awesome.It is not only the “right” way to do it, but it has many lasting benefits, such extending the sites life expectancy, ensuring compatibility across browsers, increasing load-speed in many cases and much more. If not, be sure to connect with me so I can have the pleasure! come on by the office and say hello, or at least send me an email!


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