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Having been blessed with an amazing mom myself, I can think of three things my mom offered me from an early age that I think set the foundation for our beautiful relationship: giving love, spending time, and showing support and respect for what mattered to me.And many of the girls I've talked to about what they need from their mothers have mirrored those same ideas as being important to them.

She explains, "So many parents struggled to connect in an emotional, expressive manner with their own parents when they were teens themselves.

That distance and coldness they experienced as children has inspired us to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction.

I feel that I need to have someone that I can simply pour my heart out to and tell everything without opinion or judgment." -Tiffany, 14 "What I need most from my mother right now is love and support.

For example, I am a new driver and my mother gave me a car to use.

Unfortunately, while I was backing out of a parking lot, I hit the corner of wall I couldn't see.

I understand my mother was upset, but I was already mad at myself for making that mistake.

) often have a strong mother/daughter relationship to back up that dynamic.

It's what makes them feel safe and gives them the strength to grow into the secure adults they know you want them to become. Elaine Leader, co-founder and Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Young People and TEENLINE at Cedars Sinai Medical Center put it this way: "At the end of the day, a parent needs to always be a parent.

Image Source and explanation: A woman who stands in front of an unauthorized abortion clinic appears to be at a loss.

Hanging on a wall outside the clinic, a signboard reads, “This clinic is unauthorized, so we will not take responsibility for any errors or complications that may arise.” Behind her, a placard announces the crackdown on abortion, while a banner on the wall of an authorized hospital reads, “Fees for abortions will increase to 3 million Won (,634 USD).” Behind her, a newborn child is abandoned in front of a house.

Again and again, girls tell me that having that loving, non-judgmental presence of their mothers is a top priority...


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