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@Shannon Sharpe compares Le Bron James to @Nicole_Murphy. #Milds And That Yak #Milds And Hen Dawg #shannonsharpe pic.twitter.com/QSymigwr9n — Faux Shannon Murphy (@Mr Shannon Murphy) October 18, 2017 Another classic moment from @Shannon Sharpe 😂😂 if she want pancakes she getting pancakes @Nicole_Murphy let my man make you some pancakes pic.twitter.com/7mb Ul W6IGm — Makenez (@Maken_Ez) October 10, 2017 #Shannon Sharpe was not playing about jumping in #Nicole Murphy #DM.

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky were cleaned out of all their jewelry -- many of the pieces extremely sentimental and irreplaceable -- and the burglars' haul was north of a million dollars.

We're told Stan's people believe this might be an inside job -- someone within the foundation wrote the check in an attempt to keep the cash themselves.

Either way, it's not a very nice bday gift for the comic book icon ...

TMZ broke the story of the break-in and at the time we knew burglars stole $150,000 worth of watches Mauricio had in his closet.

One watch was given to him by his late grandfather. burglars took everything but the few items she took to Aspen, where the family was vacationing. her gold wedding band with the inscription, "Mauricio forever." The burglars also took the $100k earrings Mauricio got Kyle for their 20th anniversary last year.

Sharpe chasing after Murphy seems like it was all in good fun, but that hasn’t stopped people from calling him out for it.

But on Sunday, Sharpe did what was arguably the blackest thing to be televised when he pulled out a damn Black & Mild while surrounded and watched by White folks.

Her tweets are protected, but all indications are that she’s still engaged to Sharpe, as she has a photo of the couple up as her Twitter header.

That’s caused some people to wonder why Sharpe was going after Murphy so hard when he’s already got a wife-to-be at home.

However, officials in Fulton County, Georgia tell us Sharpe was not arrested and is not being investigated.

and told host Jason Whitlock that Kaepernick needed to cut his afro if he wanted an NFL team to sign him. You’re already dealing with a lot of controversy surrounding this issue. ” Sharpe shouted on a panel that consisted of cohosts Skip Bayless, Joy Taylor, and Fox Sports analyst Rob Parker.

But that isn’t the only thing the 49-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl champ (with the Denver Broncos) uses his platform to be outspoken about.


  1. We kissed and she used her tongue to taste herself from my lips, chin, checks. I felt like a kitten be tongue cleaned by her momma cat. I was so caught up in the motion I started suckling on her tongue and it pressed deeper and deeper. Show him." She was so soft in her command, but so certain and forceful. Kimmel I felt his hand take my elbow and guide me toward him. He took my waist in his hands and settle me down over his thighs.

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