parents on rules for dating - Windows 7 not updating

One solution is to increase resolution, which makes everything look bad, and the other is to use Magnifier.

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You can also use Magnifier to invert all your monitor colors, for a relaxed white-on-black experience.

There are many tools our there that can record, edit and convert audio to multiple formats. Start typing “record” in Windows search to find this tool, which you can use to record simple WMA files, and that’s it.

You can create multiple sticky notes in different colors and use almost any keyboard shortcut you’d use in Word, including CTRL ALT L for lists, CTRL 1,2,5 for line spacing, and more.

This is a very useful tool for those who find common font sizes too small to comfortably read.

This is more of a bonus than a hidden tool, but it can still be pretty useful.

If you have ISO files you need to burn, and you don’t happen to have any other burning software installed, double clicking it will open the Windows Disc Image Burner.

If your regular program doesn’t detect something, or if you happen to have nothing else installed, Windows provides its own malicious software removal tool. You can choose between a quick scan, a full scan and a customized scan, and MRT will scan your computer and give you a report on its findings.

The tool only scans for a somewhat limited list of malicious software, so it cannot replace an anti-virus, but you can use it for extra security, and it also provides links to further reading on each malware on the list.

You can save your creation as HTML, JPG, PNG or GIF.

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