Wow armory not updating gear

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Note: this is a temporary solution, it will be fully automatic soon How to transfer data after realm/name change? If possible, before changing realm/name, claim your character on Wo WProgress using Sync.

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I wonder if the armory doesn't update my gear after i have rerolled some stats on my gear, or if it just doesn't work atm.

Yes, because the armory knows that there's another ID attached to your item (the gem) but doesn't have the enchantment (the socket).

It's actually nice to see how they implement it, i.e., the enchantment is just a visibility flag on the item's affix, but the original affix stays forever ;-) No honestly you answer why it doesn't show the exact enchantment from gear. example: I rerolled movement speed from my shoes into arcane orb dmg. i want ppl to be able to see what i am rerolling for I'm not sure I understand. The armory shows the initial stat, movement speed, which you "re-rolled" (or "enchanted into") arcane orb damage. It sees the gems because the gems have an ID that are known to the API; so the armory knows there are gems as part of this item, but doesn't know where they come from (i.e., doesn't show the enchanted sockets).

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