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The only question left is: given the totally left-field Hollywood endorsement from Zach Galifanakis on election day, will we see His Worship appear on Ken Cheveldayoff 1106A Central Ave.306-651-7100 Runners-up Cam Broten (2nd), Cathy Sproule (3rd), David Forbes (4th), Gord Wyant (5th).The Sask Tel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is a perennial point of pride for Saskatonians, and has come to mark the beginning of summer for many of us.

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I wouldn’t hang the “last one standing” tag on your pick for Best Saskatoon MLA.

But with all the retirements and relegations in Saskatchewan Party ranks over the last few years, Ken Cheveldayoff (who represents Saskatoon Silver Springs) a veteran presence in Brad Wall’s cabinet.

In that regard, I’m mostly concerned with keeping myself safe. But when you’re competing for space with multi-ton vehicles whizzing around you at 50 km/h you don’t really have a choice. But in the course of my travels I also see plenty of bonehead moves by cyclists and pedestrians too.

Crunch the numbers via Sir Isaac Newton’s handy-dandy Second Law of Motion (Force = Mass x Acceleration) and you’ll quickly realize that when a cyclist collides with a motor vehicle it’s pretty much a life and death situation. And I think we’d all do ourselves a huge favour if we all made a greater effort to learn and obey the rules of the road.

To accomplish this, Pym outfits Lang with the "Ant-Man" suit, a piece of technology with the ability to both increase the wearer's strength and shrink them down to the size of an ant.

2016 Best Of Saskatoon handbook and instruction manual.

Winners were those individuals, businesses, organizations and areas receiving the most votes.

Just the Big List of Winners Sask Tel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival Runners-up Folkfest (2nd), Taste of Saskatchewan (3rd), Potash Corp Fringe Festival (4th), Mosofest (5th).

The four-term MLA obviously enjoys your confidence too. / None Of Them Runners-up Sheri Benson (2nd), Kelly Block (3rd), Kevin Waugh (4th). Kelly Block Heather Musgrove Runners-up Kevin Wesaquate (2nd), Suzanne Toombs (3rd), Dana Begg (4th), Bernice Ruf (5th). If you believe all of the typo-laden reviews on, you might think it boils down to “hotness”, or a general aversion to assigning challenging work. “A good teacher has a sense of humour, doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and knows that kids ‘learn what they do’,” says Musgrove.

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