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Its high price (the Kindle Paperwhite costs less than half as much, at 9) still takes some of the excitement out of the device.

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Or rather, the device can endure up to 2 meters of freshwater for up to 60 minutes, thanks to the tablet's IPX8 certification.

We dunked the tablet, repeatedly, in an 8-inch deep bath of NYC tap water inside a plexiglass tank, where the Oasis sat for an hour.

This is why it measures 6.3 x 5.6 inches, larger than its 5.6 x 4.8-inch predecessor and the $199 Kindle Voyage (6.4 x 4.5 inches).

The $119 Kindle Paperwhite (6.7 x 4.6 inches) and $79 Kindle (6.7 x 4.7 inches) are taller but not as wide, because they don't have that side bezel.

I could clearly read words on the display when I viewed it at 85 degrees to the left or right.

This meant text on the display was just as legible in our well-lit office while I unboxed the device as it was on our rooftop under direct sunlight, as I read pages from Mat Johnson's adventure novel Pym.

This is how I dried the Oasis off, and it's still working great after this test.

If the Kindle is immersed in other liquids — such as saltwater, chlorinated water or soapy water — you should rinse the liquid out of the device with cold tap water and then dry the reader, Amazon says.

(which survived 60 minutes in 6-inch waters), the Oasis stayed functional throughout its swim, and its screen and buttons responded to taps and clicks throughout the test as if nothing unusual were taking place.

I hadn't originally planned to use the tablet inside the tank during the test, but when I saw that its screen stayed on the same page it was on before I dunked it I had to see if the Oasis was still working, and I was seriously impressed by how well it held up.

The feature that sets the Oasis apart from the rest of Amazon's Kindle lineup is the device's thicker side area, which features a wider bezel with page-turning buttons. Under that thicker bezel is a hump that makes the e-reader easier to hold than its flat-backed rivals.

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