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----------------------------------------------- Were the 9/11 attacks staged by the US government?

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-------------------------------------------- Is the sentence "I don't have no pen." correct? The formally correct version are: “I don’t have a pen”, or “I do not have a pen.” or “I have no pen.” In certain dialectial speech the sentence with two negation words, is accepted, however.

The fenomenon with double tegation seems to have its origin in the pychological urge to make the negation as clear as possible.

Also the simple past is uses as in English, but In latin America it tend to be the only past used.

In Italian the composed past (passato prossimo) is used as a near past, while the simple past (passato remoto) as a remote past tense. The reason I think so, is because the past participle used in the composed past, originally denoted a state resulted by an action.

But if you have made several trips, and you will shortly point out that this particular one was the first one, I dould have said: “That was my first trip to Bangkok”.

If you are telling a story about the trip, and the sentence is inside that story, I would put it: “This was my first trip to Bangkok”.

Therefore some clandestine conspirators within the American society must be responsible for the collapses, and it is difficult to think that fractions within the government were not involved.

But still the attacks by the aircrafts were most probably staged by an islmistic conspiracy, led by the so-called Al Qaida, and if not directly ordered, at least inspired by Osama Bin Laden.

It looks like the conspirators within teh government knew about the plans of Al Qaida far in advance due to the constant surveillance they perform, and decided to make the incident as disasterous and spectacular as possible for own purposes.

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